What’s involved?

With four or more months to go you have just enough time to get yourself into a routine, and on your way to becoming an even more beautiful bride.

Starting with a consultation with one of our therapists, you will be recommended a skin care programme for both inside and outside. This means your programme includes both a skin care regime, and nutritional programmes (starting with our 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse programme).

Included in this programme, is credit ($) towards your recommended skin care products to help start your programme, and a course of our rebalancing facials. Full consultations are given during all facials, it is the perfect time to address any concerns you have had with your skin. Designed to boost and rebalance your skin.

With ongoing treatments a fully trained beauty therapist can teach you the skin care basics so you can take better care of your skin at home. They can treat problem areas and help keep your skin in optimum condition while continuing to recommend products as the seasons and your complexion change. Regular treatments help you relax and provide you with some pampering time out!

Towards the end of your programme, and closer to the big day, you will enjoy a range of other beautifying or luxury treatments such as massage, manicures & pedicures.


50% deposit is generally required at the time of signing up to this programme, with the remaining balance due (at half way) two months before the wedding date. Other products and treatments such as manicure, pedicure, lash curls & waxing are excluded from the package and will be booked and charged separately.


Grooms are always welcome! If a full programme is not their thing, we have designed a programme especially for them, a month before the wedding.

All Wedding & Bridal Packages

Starts from

$730 four months to go
  • 3x Janesce Rebalance Facials 50min
  • 1x Lavender Anti-Oxidant Facial 75min
  • 1x Relaxation Back Massage 30min
  • Janesce Skin Care Intro Pack
  • 7 DAYS OF ME, Janesce Vital Cleanse Pack

(does not include optional extras)


Four Month Programme

4 Months To Go

Start your topical skin care regime, and enjoy our Rebalance facial. Monthly facials are a brilliant way to boost your skin during your skin health programme. Consult with your therapist during one of our hydrating Janesce facials.

  • Janesce Rebalance Facial 50min
  • Janesce Intro Pack

3 Months To Go

Treat your skin with a second facial, then get started on the inner beauty with our skin-nutrition programme! Get answers to any of your skin care questions, and top up your home care products.

  • Janesce Rebalance Facial 50min
  • 7 DAYS OF ME, Janesce Vital Cleanse Pack

2 Months To Go

You will be loving the benefits of seeing your beauty therapist on a regular basis, in combination with top home care. This is also a great time to choose to up your inner beauty game with Bestow from Beneath capsules. Perhaps add a 6 week course of our Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. The eyes are the window to the soul after all!

  • Janesce Rebalance Facial 50min
  • Top up home care products
  • Bestow from Beneath Capsules (optional extra)
  • RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner (optional extra)

1 Month To Go

One month to go! We’ll add a massage to your final facial in your programme, after a luxurious body scrub. The week of your wedding, perfect your hands & feet with a manicure & pedicure. Don’t forget to book your waxing! To be picture perfect, we can highly recommend adding our lash curl & brow treatments, and for an extra glow – add a spray tan.

  • Lavender Anti-Oxidant Facial 75min & Relaxation Back Massage 30min
  • Body Scrub (optional extra)
  • Gel Manicure & Petite Pedicure (optional extras)
  • Lash Curl & Tint, with Brow Tint & Shape, Spray Tan & Waxing Treatments (optional extras)