Why You Need To Treat Your Skin From The Inside – The Village Beauty Studio | Waimauku, Auckland, NZ | Holistic Skincare • Skin Coaching • Beauty Therapy


A few things to understand:

  • Your skin is the largest organ of your body.
  • It is also the last organ to receive nutrients. This means it is the first organ to show deficiencies – your skin will show when something is wrong internally.
  • As it’s all connected into one big ‘picture’, a healthy skin gives a healthy body and a healthy body gives a health skin.
  • This then makes sense, that for a healthy skin, we need to WORK FROM THE INSIDE.

Why would you ONLY treat skin from the outside, when the cause of many skin conditions is due to an imbalance on the inside? If you treat the inside as well, you are treating the ‘root of the cause’ and will receive long-term results. The skin care you choose topically (on the outside) should support this way of healing & strengthening, not work against it or over the top of it to try and mask the problem.

Side note: This is why I love Janesce. It supports the skin to do what it is naturally SUPPOSED to do, so when you combine that with your INTERNAL skin care, it makes the whole process much easier, faster & more direct (straight to the point!).

It won’t happen overnight, you will have to commit to a programme and work at it. But the confident feeling you get once you’re on the right track and can SEE it happening is amazing and so rewarding!

  • Not suffering from that skin condition you’ve had ‘since forever’
  • Knowing because your skin is healthy & protected you are preventing future problems including premature ageing

“What do you mean Internal Skin Care?”

I mean feeding the body good quality nutrients & minerals, so these can be passed on to the cells in your body so they can function at their best, including skin cells. I also mean keeping the body in balance (not stressed, well rested, exercised …)

Of all the body systems, your digestive system is the closest link to your skin & skin conditions. Aside from feeding the body good food, your body also needs to be good at waste removal – getting rid of what it doesn’t need, can’t use, or things that might be harmful or toxic. If it’s not great at doing this, your body can try to excrete it (or get rid of it!) through your skin in the form of say a rash, itch, blockage or blemish. This means our liver is also very important, as it’s your liver that filters the nutrients, minerals & hormones in your blood. A great idea to eliminate or at least avoid toxins and ‘liver loaders’ like caffeine & alcohol. This just makes the job so much harder for your liver if it has too much of this to process first!

Some nutrients & minerals need to be replaced daily either by the food we eat (preferable) or supplementation. We need a good balance of all nutrients, as many of them rely on another to work in the body. Your body is only as strong as your lowest deficiency.
Your body could have an abundance of one nutrient, but unless it has enough of another – it might not be able to even process or use this abundance.

Inside & outside.
Healthy body = healthy skin.