What Your Skin Should Look Like When It’s Healthy – The Village Beauty Studio | Waimauku, Auckland, NZ | Holistic Skincare • Skin Coaching • Beauty Therapy

Balanced, hydrated skin

  • Smooth texture, without congestion
  • Even in colour
  • Refined, soft pores
  • Slightly ‘tacky’ or ‘damp’, but cool to touch
  • Heals at a steady rate
  • Renews as a steady rate
  • No premature ageing
  • Has a ‘glowing’ look to it, without makeup

Unbalanced, dehydrated skin

  • Dull in colour, and/or uneven skin tone
  • Very dry or very oily
  • It feels tight/taut, flaky – especially after a cleanser
  • Large pores
  • It feels bumpy and irritated (such as acne – both deep and fine congestion)
  • It has blockages – big or small. Some that just don’t go away!
  • It always seems red, or is sensitive to certain conditions or products
  • Products feel tingly or stingy
  • Products cause redness after first being applied
  • Slow to heal
  • Premature ageing
  • Suffers from any skin condition (acne, eczema etc.)