Spray Tanning Booth

Serious Tan. Seriously Fast.

Sun-kissed during summer, glowing during winter – in less than a minute.

The fully automated spray tanning booth allows just about any person to step into our private booth, be gently sprayed with a mist, and come out of our tanning room with a beautiful gold brown tan.
The tan lasts 7-10 days depending on your skin and how well you care for it. The process is completely safe, UV free, and takes less than a minute!

Be aware that the spray tan has no sun protection in it.
(Sorry, we do NOT have a sunbed)




  Activation time: 2hr LIGHT – 4hr MEDIUM – 6hr DARK

Please read over our website to ensure you are well prepped for the best tan!

$ 45


  Pay for 7, receive 8th FREE.

Other free tans do not count toward your 7 sessions.



  Appointments must be booked for the same time slot.

If bringing more than one friend, please call us.

$ 30 ea


 FREE tan must be booked within 3 weeks of the first.

For first time users of our spray tanning booth only. Does not apply to Bring-a-Friend offer.

$ 45 + FREE Tan

Prep & Care For Your Spray Tan

  • DO hydrate your skin from the inside (drinking water) and outside (soaking & using good skin care). The more hydrated your skin, the longer your tan will last. (Learn how here..)
  • DO exfoliate your body well, paying close attention to your feet, knees and elbows. Scrub well, but GENTLY to ensure an even tan. Use exfoliating mitts or gloves, or a body brush. Make sure you especially remove hard skin from your feet. Doing this about 8-12 hours, or the night before a tan is best.
  • DO shave at least 8 hours, or wax at least 24 hours, before your spray tan.
  • BE AWARE as some medications (including recreational drugs) influence the skin, some will also react with the spray tan solution preventing your tan from being even. Ask the pharmacists at Waimauku Pharmacy downstairs,
    or let us know in advance and we can do it for you.
  • DO take a look through our FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions page, and let us know if you have any other questions BEFORE you come in for your tanning session.
  • DO NOT shower right before your appointment. Spray tanning doesn’t work well on hot or damp skin. Also, your skins natural oils have been ‘washed off’ too close to your tan application.
  • DO NOT moisturise, use perfumes, heavy moisturising soaps, bar soap and shaving products. The residual oils can make the tan blotchy and uneven.
  • DO NOT wear deodorant for the reasons above. Also some deodorant creams or sprays can react with the spray tan solution.
  • DO bring dark, loose fitting clothes to wear AFTER the spray tan. Tight clothing may rub the new tan making it uneven. Also, bring jandals or easy fitting slip-on shoes. A sarong, wrap or maxi dress is a great idea.
  • DO bring an umbrella or long (loose) sleeved clothing in case it rains on your way out – you don’t want to splash your new tan and cause it to go patchy!
  • DO bring snug fitting, dark or old undergarments IF you wish to wear something during your spray tan. These covered areas will not be tanned. You can tan in the nude — the booth is completely private. We can also supply a disposable g-string and a hair cap – bring your own hair ties & clips!
  • DO take off all jewellery and watch BEFORE your spray tan.

When you arrive, you will go through a consultation with your therapist – we will explain what to do and how to use our tanning booth. We will also talk to you about your skin so we can ensure you will get the best results possible – please let us know if you are on any medications (including recreational drugs), as some may react with or prevent the tan from being even.

After your prep work, explained by your therapist (such as generously applying a ‘barrier cream’ to hands and feet, and putting a hair cap on) – you will step into the booth and stand back away from the jets, still giving yourself room to turn. Standing too close to the jets can give you too much spray! Our tanning booth machine is a tad noisy, and we have a voice-over who will tell you what to do & when.

When you are ready, press the flashing green button! The tanning solution will not harm you by breathing it in, or getting it in your eyes – but it will feel quite wet (and cold – sorry!). Take a breath & close your eyes; listen for turning instructions until you have been sprayed on all four sides.

Step out. Put the supplied mitts on each hand, then in quick but thorough circular motions blend GENTLY and spread the tan over your body, like you’re applying a body lotion all over. BLEND BLEND BLEND, until you are dry – it won’t take long. The grey-based technology in the tan can make you look “dirty”. This is normal, and it definitely won’t stay like this after your first shower. Once dry, you can put your dark loose clothes back on, and report to reception to complete your appointment and receive your free spray-tanning card. It’s like a coffee card to be signed off with each tan.
Pay for seven; get your eighth tan for FREE!

How long do you leave it before you can shower?

  • Your therapist will give you a recommendation.
  • 2 HR – Light Tan
  • 4 HR – Medium Tan
  • 6 HR – Dark Tan

During the activation time, immediately AFTER your tan

  • AVOID showering or allowing water to splash on your skin.
  • AVOID rain. If it looks like rain bring an umbrella.
  • AVOID exercise or excessive sweating.
  • AVOID applying perfume, make up or deodorant. In fact, applying anything at all to your skin.
  • We don’t recommend sleeping in your tan. Wash it off after the recommended time frame.
  • When you do have a shower: use warm (not hot!) water, and rinse your skin until the water runs clear. Don’t scrub or lather up in soap, use your hands or ask your therapist for a disposable cloth before you go.
  • Pat dry, then moisturise. It’s also best if you DON’T shampoo your hair for the first shower – if you must, try to avoid shampoo running down your skin/back.

To maintain your new tan

  • AVOID heavy exercise that causes excessive perspiration.
  • AVOID long baths and showers, or excessively hot water. Avoid jacuzzis and pools, the chlorine will bleach out the tan faster than it would fade normally (7-10 days).
  • After your showers or baths, PAT rather than rub, your body dry.
  • For maximum colour extension, APPLY a tan extender daily, and/or moisturiser at least once (preferably twice) a day.
  • Extra tip: The more hydrated your skin, the longer your tan will last.

Contact your therapist with any questions.